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Friday May 18,2018

Festivus test v1

Warm up (10 minutes) - trainer's choice

WOD specific warm up (10 minutes) - review dumbbell snatch and practice movement. Get barbells set up for front rack lunges

10 minutes to complete:.

50 alternating DB snatch (50/35)
40 burpees to a plate (25/15)
30 air squats
20 push ups
10 pull ups
Every minute (*not* at 3, 2, 1, go) do 8 Russian twists using your plate

In remaining time max front rack lunges (75/55)  

Score today is total number of front rack lunges completed before 10 minutes. You continue doing the Russian twists even if you are doing lunges.

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1st7Brooke Fri,May 18,2018
1st19 Ron Fri,May 18,2018
2nd15Dan O Fri,May 18,2018
3rd6Nathan U Fri,May 18,2018

Ron19 Rx
Alison Finished in 10:48
Dan O15  35# DB
Gavin15 Rx
Brooke 25# snatch
Dan B 35# KB
Ken 35 lbs DB
Max40 Rx
Mike C Mod 35bd
Richard L 11:53
Nate H Mod 35db
Chris GRx Finished 10:42 then did 16 lunges
Aaron M 35, 15, jumping pu
Kyle 30# snatch
Nathan U Not Rx
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