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Tuesday Dec 12,2017

Tomorrow: Gwen
Douglas Fir TreeBarbell 121217

Douglas Fir Tree

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - review the dumbbell snatch

21 DB Snatch (50/30) Right
21 DB Snatch (50/30) Left
3 Shuttle Sprint
15 DB Snatch (50/30) Right
15 DB Snatch (50/30) Left
2 Shuttle Sprint
9 DB Snatch (50/30) Right
9 DB Snatch (50/30) Left
1 Shuttle Sprint  

1 shuttle sprint =
Run two mats, touch with both hands, run back and touch starting line with both hands.
Then 4 mats with two hand touch
Then 6 mats with two hand touch.

So, 2 shuttle sprints would be  
2, 4 and 6 mats, two hand touch
Then immediately into a second 2, 4 and 6.

Maybe 'suicides' is a better term for the shuttle sprints for those who used to run them for basketball.

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1st6:05 Alison Today!
2nd6:06 Janet Today!
3rd6:19 Angie Today!
1st7:15 Josh H Today!
2nd8:46 Ron Today!
3rd11:00 Richard Today!

Angie6:19 Rx
Janet6:06 Rx
Josh H7:15 Rx
Richard11:00 Rx
Dan B9:28  45#
Alison6:05 Rx
Ron8:46 Rx
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