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Thursday Jun 21,2018

Tomorrow: Saving Private Ryan
Happy Birthday Mallory
Welcome Chrystal
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Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - quickly review the skull crusher and practice that movement.

800m run
80 skull crushers laying on the floor (45/35)
800m run
80 curls (45/35)
800m run
80 shoulder to overhead (45/35)
800m run
80 bent over rows (45/35)
800m run

0% 0%
1st31:27 Lauren Today!
2nd38:58 Veronica Today!
3rd35:52Hannah Today!
1st29:44 Josh H Today!
2nd30:28 Travis Today!
3rd38:01 Aaron M Today!

Travis30:28 Rx
Hannah35:52  35# rows, training bar everything else
Wes39:27  Not Rx
Josh H29:44 Rx
Lauren31:27 Rx
James38:55 Rx
Veronica38:58 Rx
Kirstin38:02  Not Rx
Aaron M38:01 Rx
Alison42:46  Rowed 1000m instead of run
Dan B42:10  Ran first and last rounds - rowed middle rounds
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