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Tuesday Dec 18,2018

Tomorrow: Chest day
Welcome Lauren C

Eat big today!

Warm up - trainer's choice

EMOM10: 5 deficit HSPU (or 5 HSPU, or HSPU variation of your choice - challenge yourself)

Main course
3 rounds
10 OHS (135/95 - taken from ground)
20 pistols
30 air squats

10 OHS (95/65 - taken from ground)
20 pistols to a box
30 air squats

3x10 military press with barbell
Either set up a bench near the rig and take barbell from rack, or have your best bud hand you the barbell. Load the barbell so the 8th, 9th and 10th rep in your first set is hard. Then do 2 more sets

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1st8:31Steph Today!
2nd9:25Sarah Today!
3rd10:07Lauren C Today!
1st7:27 Sean Today!
2nd8:31 Travis Today!
3rd9:52Jordan Wa Today!

Jordan Wa9:52  95# OHS
Sean7:27 Rx
Sarah9:25  35# ohs, box+ 2 45# plates
Dan O10:45  Rx2
Travis8:31 Rx
Alyssa10:25  Not Rx
Mada10:14  Not Rx
Steph8:31  Not Rx
Lauren C10:07  Not Rx
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