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Friday, Jun 23, 2017

Tomorrow: Don't interrupt Karen
Happy Birthday Ron & John K


(Stolen from the evil mind of Pat Sherwood)

Warm up - no warm up - just start on the 400m.

The cap time for this WOD is the entirety of the class. Tap out early if you MUST leave. Otherwise try to continue for 60 minutes - or finish.

400m run
20 burpees
400m run
19 burpees
400m run
18 burpees
400m run
17 burpees
etc etc...
400m run
3 burpees
400m run
2 burpees
400m run
1 burpee

Extra credit
Take a walk! Bring that heart down slowly.

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Chosen as WOD: Fri,Jun 23,2017 Fri,Jun 17,2016
1st1:21.48 Erin M Today!
2nd57:19 Janet Today!
3rd59:40 Jodi Fri,Jun 17,2016
1st16 rounds Travis Fri,Jun 17,2016
2nd57:42 Trey Today!
3rd60:00 TJ Today!

Janet57:19 Rx
Whitney60:00 Rx 15+3 burpees
Trey57:42 Rx
Cynthia61:30 Rx
Erin M1:21.48 Rx
TJ60:00 Rx 17 rounds completed
Kyle66:15 Rx
Phil69:45 Rx Rain sucks :(
Marc W62:48 Rx
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Gavin 12:25am
The original says to wear a vest 20/14 If you have one