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Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017

Tomorrow: Straight leg turkeys ,Barbell 101917
Happy Birthday Suzi & Phil

Matt Holliday

Warm up - trainer's choice

Every 3 minutes for 5 sets
10 seated dumbbell strict press - both arms at same time - go as heavy as possible to get 10 consecutive reps
10 bent over dumbbell rows - single arm. If the heaviest dumbbell isn't enough to challenge you...use a KB, I'm guessing the 88 pounder should provide enough challenge.

1/7 of the 'Bear Complex' (RX: 135/95, RX2: 95/65)
10 bar facing burpees

The Bear Complex consists of:
Power clean
Front squat
Push press from front rack to back rack
Back squat
Push press from back rack to front rack
Repeat that for 7 cycles without resting the barbell on the ground.

So, 1/7th of that would be just 1 cycle

Power clean -> Front squat -> push press -> back squat -> push press, then put the bar down and do 10 bar facing burpees.
Rinse and repeat for 15 minutes.

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1st11+5 Angie Today!
2nd9+1 Whitney Today!
3rd7+4 Nicolle Today!
1st10+2 Marcus Today!
2nd8+1 Marc W Today!
3rd10+5 2Ron Today!

Erin M8+1  85
Marc W8+1 Rx 8 + 1 Bear
Whitney9+1 Rx
TJ8+10 Rx2 115#
Angie11+5 Rx
Dana 85#
Shad 95#
Sarah8+4  45#
Marcus10+2 Rx
Nicolle7+4 Rx
Kyle7 + 2 Rx2
Dan B7+5 Rx2
Dara Not Rx
Ron10+5 Rx2
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