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Wednesday Feb 20,2019

Tomorrow: Just hangin around

Front rack lunges

Warm up - trainer's choice

5x5 OHS at 80% of your max + 10/5 lbs
Then AMRAP OHS at 55% of your max - no resting at top

3 rounds
10 front rack lunge (RX: 165/115, RX2: 95/65)
20 GHD sit ups (RX2: abmat sit ups)

0% 0%
1st7:51 Steph Today!
2nd2:45 2Susanne Today!
3rd4:13 2Erin M Today!
1st6:00 Ron Today!
2nd7:11 Travis Today!
3rd7:19 Sean Today!

Erin M4:13 Rx2
Jordan Wa6:55 Rx2 GHD
Sean7:19 Rx
Ron6:00 Rx
Travis7:11 Rx
Steph7:51 Rx
Susanne2:45 Rx2 20 reps at 55
Liz3:30  35#
Joe Z8:35 Rx2 135#, 10 ghd 10 su
Eli4:20  45#
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