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Monday Jan 14,2019

Happy Birthday TJ
Welcome Barbara & Rachel


Warmup - trainers choice

Thursters (95/65)

Break the class into 2 groups - 1 group performs WOD, 2nd group judges standards, then switch. Judges look for depth in thruster and full extension at top, and chin over the bar for the pullup. Lowest (fastest) 3 scores for guys/girls will be put on the record board.

If you do not care to have your name on the record board you do not need a judge. And will not be marked as RX.

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Tammy6:35  55# jumping
Diana5:30  23rd 55#jumping
Nicole W7:33  30th 45# jumping
Jordan Wa6:30 Rx 12th
Dana7:48  32nd 55# jumping
Shad7:33 Rx 15th
Doug8:08  27th 75#, jumping pull ups
Heather10:15  55 to star, then 45, jumping pu
Thomas W5:45  22nd 55lb jumping pu
Kirstin5:09  19th 55lb,jumpimg pu
TJ3:28 Rx
Summer6:29  28th 45, jumping
Dan B9:17  75#. Regular pull ups
Steph7:08 Rx 10th
Rachel5:12  20th Jumping, 35#
Laine4:15  15th Jumping, 55#
Amy A4:52  18th Jumping, 55#
Ren4:18  Jumping, 35#
Travis3:50 Rx 3rd
Sarah6:07  25th 55#, jumping
JJ6:00  23rd 75#, jumping
Katrisha5:56 Rx 6th
Suzi4:37 Rx 3rd
Chris GDnf Rx
Joe Z7:38 Rx 16th
James B9:03  28th Chin not over on all pull up
Jon H7:28 Rx 14th
Barbara7:24  29th 45#, jumping
Ron5:31 Rx
Erin W7:35  31st 50#, jumping
Chris T9:59  29th 55#
Mitchell7:29  25th 45#, jumping
Janet3:37 Rx 1st
Joe M3:57 Rx 5th
Melissa S4:30  16th 45#, jumping
Lindsay H5:21  21st Jumping
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